About Us

Pipul TV is a next-generation, Nigerian-based national information, entertainment and education television and media communications network established to provide premium, high-quality media content. The initiative is primarily to provide rich broadcast media content that is hitherto usually expensive and available only to the affluent, now to everyone regardless of social status, income levels, creed or standing. This service spearheads a new era of home media, combining the best of television, social, and digital life. It is an IPTV service that has eliminated the data access cost and poor connectivity bottleneck to subscribers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Pipul TV is the flagship service of Pipul Communications Limited, set up by a group of enterprising and visionary young Nigerians resolved to do something positive about changing the status quo rather than just whining about it. While the initiative took over three years to develop, the organisation was formally set up in January of 2016 in Abuja, Nigeria. Riding on the wealth of experience, Pipul TV is driven by the shared belief that real change can be effected when everyone comes together to play their respective parts in developing our society, standards and way of life. Pipul TV is a platform that has integrated major players in every sphere of our educational, financial, social and entertainment sectors to provide a service and a commercial venture that creates over 50,000 direct job opportunities as well as support every sector and industry in the Nigerian economy.

As the Federal Government of Nigeria spearheads the drive towards migrating the national broadcast industry from analogue to digital, Pipul TV serves as the one-stop solution that both digitalises the medium and provide the populace with an experience much more than value for money, introducing a first-of-its-kind service not available anywhere on the continent!

Provide a sustainable and affordable platform that integrates all communication, social, educational, entertainment and information media and processes on one device, providing a one-stop solution to all communication and entertainment needs.

To make access to information and entertainment easy, limitless and very affordable especially for the low-income earners.