Pipul TV Targets Revolution of Nationwide League, Says Bayorh

The Chairman of the Alpha Group, Dubai, a major stakeholder in Pipul TV, Sheikh Mohamed Bayorh, has said the Pay TV company partnership in Nationwide League One is to provide the channel to herald football talents from the grassroots in Nigeria through the influence of television.

Sheikh Bayorh™ Alpha Group is a holding conglomerate based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which is co-chaired by a member of the Dubai Royal Family and major partners of Pipul TV.

Bayorh, during a brief visit to the secretariat of the league body in Abuja last week said the media attention had always been on football supers stars but Pipul TV™ partnership with the NLO would focus on the unheralded talents from the grassroots with a view to showcasing them to the world through its platform.

Everyone knows that the development of football starts at the grassroots level and our focus is to give voice to the unheard. We want to offer platforms to those unknown young footballers and nurture their skills at the various clubs in the nationwide league. Bayorh said

Pipul TV is poised to change the sequence that focuses on the big boys in the round leather game by beaming the search light on the stars of the future that already have a springboard to fly in the Nationwide League.

In his response, the Chief Operating Officer of the NLO, Shola Ogunnowo, said: “We are glad that the league signed a sponsorship and title partnership deal with Pipul TV and it is hoped that this partnership deal, when it is fully activated, will drive the process of a new football evolution in Nigeria.

The football season for clubs in the Nationwide League will commences on Thursday April 5, 2018 with actions across the six geopolitical zones in the country.